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Sticky Post: My Fic...

I never thought I'd get to the point where I'd want a list of everything, all in one place. Who knew?

Links take you to InsaneJournal.

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Sticky post: fic preferences

I've seen lots of these around... here's my "list", which has evolved somewhat over the past several months as I am reading more different authors.

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Title: From Oleander to Mistletoe
Author: angela_snape
Other pairings/threesome: n/a
Rating: R
Word count: ~9K
Warning(s): Character death (not Snape or Harry), not epilogue-compliant
Summary: Harry is suspended as an Auror because of a botched case at the Ministry. Headmaster Snape agrees to allow Harry to fill in temporarily as groundskeeper until he can find other employment.
A/N: Thank you to leela_cat, beta-extraordinaire. Any mistakes still in the text were added after she had it last.

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Meme... Translation Party

Ok, so I really should be gearing up for BTS... since school starts in 10 days. But, shiny meme beckoned, via blamebrampton and others, so here it is:

Quoted from Brammers: Some strange, twisted genius has invented Translation Party, a site that translates your text from English to Japanese and back, and back, and back, until it reaches an equilibrium where the translations are stable.

Take the first lines from 10 of your fics (I tried to go with the longer ones where possible), and put it into the textbox... then copy the final result beneath.

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Holding Out for a Hero

Title: Holding Out for a Hero
Author: angela_snape
Pairing: Neville/Bill
Word Count: 100 x 3
Rating: PG
Prompt: Hero
A/N: Title is from the song by Bonnie Tyler.
Disclaimer: Belongs to JKR, not me. Just for fun.

Holding Out for a Hero

A Bond for All Time

Title: A Bond for All Time
Author: angela_snape
Pairing: Bill/Neville
Word Count: 270
Rating: PG
Prompt Set: 50.3
Prompt: forever
Warning(s): Highlight to read * *
A/N: For alisanne, who also managed to beta it for me. ☺
Disclaimer Belongs to JKR, not me. Just for fun.

A Bond for All Time

Snarry Drabbles: If the Skirt Fits...

Title If the Skirt Fits…
Rating R
Word Count 100 x 3
Pairing/Prompt Snape/Harry, “skirt”
A/N My first attempt at skirt porn… are you surprised it’s for alisanne?
Disclaimer JKR's, not mine. Just for fun.

If the Skirt Fits...

Music Meme

I was assigned "P" by asimplechord

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

And... a bonus, because I just couldn't decide, and this one is fun:  Polywog in a Bog by Barenaked Ladies



Ok... this is totally un-fandom-related, but thanks to asimplechord I discovered Last.fm.

I played around with Pandora for a while, until they started blocking Canadian (or non-US IP addresses), and I was very excited to learn that I could use Last.fm... which is a similar concept.

I tend to just use radio for talk/news, so I tend to be a bit behind on new music (unless it's a band I'm already following), and now I can find new artists with styles similar to ones I already enjoy.