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It's all about the Voice

Galena's Ramblings about Severus Snape

Snape's Angel
Age Statement I am older than 21. Have been for many years...

I started reading Snarry in 2006 ... read auctasinistra's Quid Pro Quo and I was hooked. Read all the rest of her stuff, and moved on to dementordelta and meri_oddities. Also occasionally read Snape/Harry mentorship type fanfic, including the "Snape is Harry's father" type (Severitus). Not much of a fic writer myself, but I'd dabbled with the idea of meta (not that I could compete with regan_v's essays), and beta-ing... Click here to read stories I've beta'd.

Now that canon is "complete", I'm a little disappointed that JKR felt the need to kill off Severus Snape, but I'm glad that she at least made him a good guy (yay! I was right!) and though the death was patently sucky, it seems to have given many fic-writers sufficient loopholes to resurrect him as need be.

One last thing - as much as I love Severus, the character I think I'm most like is actually Hermione. She reminds me of myself, in school. Always with a book (or ten!), answering all the teachers' questions (or trying to) and a bit of an outsider, at least until I found others more like me.



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